The strongest commercially available material!

Thor Thread, also known as PBO Fiber, has insane tensile strength. It beats steel, kevler, and carbon fiber. Thor Thread is literally the strongest purchasable material on Earth, by weight.

Big corporations recognize this. Who uses PBO Fiber? NASA, SpaceX, Formula One. They buy millions of feet at a time, but there's only one place you can purchase an amount you might actually use.

That's us. That's Thor Thread.

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Why choose Thor Thread?

Strongest in the world

5.8 GPa tensile strength - 1.6x stronger than kevlar

270 GPa Tensile Modulus - 1.35x stiffer than steel

No more than 3x the diameter of spider's silk

PBO Fiber has been used...

-To win the space elevator competition, X Prize

-In NASA's Mars rovers and high-altitude weather balloons

-In SpaceX's MK3 parachutes

-In the U.S. Police Department's body armor

What in the world would I use Thor Thread for??

PBO Fiber's strength for its size is unmatched, which make for more possibilities than we could count. But here are a few ideas we had.


-RC planes and copters
-Synthetic muscles
-Tendon bone flextures
-Body armor
-Replace vehicle spokes or rims for better fuel economy

General Uses

-Strong, lightweight rope
-Kite string
-Weather balloon
-Winch cable
-Stiffen or strengthen structures

Impressive Feats

-Magic tricks
-Knife (due to its diameter, Thor Thread can actually slice through many materials. Its effectiveness will surprise many people!)
-Tensegrity Items (view the video below)